Friday, March 21, 2014

Leaving Oaxaca in the Morning

Today I rode my bike out to see the ceramics at Santa Maria Atzompa which has a long history of ceramics going back 5000 years or so. I planned on buying some coffee mugs for my hosts here in Oaxaca. When I arrived after a nice bike ride through the outskirts of Oaxaca I parked my bike in front of a little shop to go inside to start looking around. I heard some unusual noises and looked out across the street and it looked like three guys play fighting. It only took a few more seconds to realize it was a real fight. The sounds of fists smashing on skulls and to the belly causing alarming vocal sounds made me immediately check out what was going on. My first instinct since I was a long term bouncer at a bar was to go break up the fight but I held back. I decided the best thing to do was to just get back on my bike and get the hell out of there before I was jailed as a witness or something. By then the two guys had knocked out the third guy and one of the men picked him up in a head lock and dragged him towards their vehicle. Right about the time they were going to chuck him in some of the unconscious guy's friends showed up and started interfering and asking questions at the two attackers. That is just about the time I had my bike turned around and I was heading away from the area at a fast pace. As I left, I heard someone calling for police on their cell phone. I just kept riding away. I hope it worked out ok for the guy that was getting the crap knocked out of him, unless he deserved it of course.

I rode on into Oaxaca Centro and went to the bus station to make sure I knew where it was. Then I rode around looking at the town. Today was a national holiday so most things were closed except for the restaurants and stuff that cater to tourists. I did not stop except to go into the cathedral to look at the stairway to heaven. The murals which are always on the rear wall as you walk in crack me up with their portrayal of the sins and temptations that must be overcome to make it to heaven.

After my chuckle at the church mural, sorry they do not allow cameras so no pic, I headed south with the idea of seeing if my computer charger was in yet. It was already two days late in delivery but they had promised me it would be there today. It was not there. I asked for my money back and surprise to me they gave it back easily. Then I went out again trying to find another one. I went to Walmart. I hate shopping at Walmart and only will do so in an emergency which I considered this to be since I go a bit crazy without a working computer. To my delight and dismay Walmart had one that fit my computer. I bought it and at a third of the cost that I had paid at the other store. Damn you Walmart.

At this point I was too burned out to ride up the hill a few miles to see the biggest tree in the world for circumference. I instead pedaled back to my host's home and packed my bags. The road to Salina Cruz is just way too dangerous to ride a bike on so tomorrow it is bus to the beach time. Oaxaca to Salina Cruz. Salina Cruz I am told has a beautiful beach with lots of hippie types and surfers living in palapas along the beach. There is a naked beach there too from what I hear. I will find out Sunday because tomorrow I get there almost at dark. I will be beat up from the bus ride no doubt. The warning from the bus company that people who get motion sickness, should not take this bus is a bad sign. Might be a bit winding and bumpy, I hope I survive it. More Later. Sorry no pics

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