Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ride Day 171 Mazatlan to Rosario

I spent a couple of days and nights having fun in the Funky Monkey Hostel in Mazatlan. There was a great group of people staying there from around the world and we sat around drinking beer with shots and talking. At night most of them went out to Mardi Gras but since I can't walk the long distances required to attend events like this I can't really go. Instead I stayed in at the hostel enjoying the company of the others that did not go out on the town. We had a good time.

This morning I packed up my bags and rode south in the direction of Puerto Vallarta about a three day ride away. Today's objective was to just get out of Mazatlan and away from all the booze at night and to position myself to be able to ride to PV in two more long days of riding. PV is still 180 miles away so it will be long hard hot sweaty days of riding to make it in two days,

Tonight I had planned on camping out here but a few miles outside of town I started to get seizure warning signs and my legs started to cramp. I checked into a cheap hotel for the night so I could rest longer to try to get this health issue to go away. I would not be able to rest camping until after the sun went down because my tent would be too hot to be in until then. Here in the hotel I took a shower and am in bed already. I shall see in the morning whether or not it was helpful to get the room.

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