Thursday, February 26, 2015

Miranda Hot Springs to Tararu NZ

Today I rode from Miranda Hot Springs to Tararu NZ. I am spending the night in another Holiday Park which is a chain of campgrounds that also offer old trailers and caravans or an old bus or something like that to sleep in. They also have a variety of cabins from dorms to fancy homes. I had planned on riding around the Coromandel Peninsula but there is a big snapper fishing tourney this weekend so everything is booked up and traffic will be crazy. Instead I am going to ride the Hauraki Bike Rails to Trails down to Waihi which is a two day ride through dense forest and shrub then into a valley that is all farms. Missing the Coromandel is a bit disappointing but it is a tough ride in the best of times over lots of steep mountains with twisting winding narrow roads with no shoulders and there is more rain in the forecast just to make it more fun.

Heading south there should be less rain than up here in the northern part of the country is what all the Kiwis tell me. I hope so. After the Rail ride I want to go see the glowworm caves and see Rotorua but I have no firm plans with anything as you all know.

The wifi really sucks so far. The campground I am in offers wifi but it can’t even open Facebook without a data overload error. I have had a hard time finding any wifi that will allow me to upload pics to my blog. Google is also messing with me. Google tries to predict what I want to do and messes me up by changing the account I want to use. I wish they would stop trying to make me fit into normal patterns of anything cause lets face it I am just not normal. More later...

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