Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekend off

I took the weekend off from riding due to heavy weekend traffic around the coastal resort area I am heading to next. I have enjoyed my time off. I did my laundry and repacked my stuff then lubed the bike and made sure things were tight on it. The rest of the time I went into town and hung out at the cafes and pubs. Not drinking a lot but rather just hanging out and talking to locals. Tonight I am having dinner with one of them at their home.

There was a group of antique tractor fans at my campground here in Waihi. They drove their tractors here to camp and then all just sat around having fun. They were entertaining. They fed me twice with their huge piles of food they had that they could not begin to finish. SO I ate well.

Now I am rested up for hitting the road again on Monday. I do not plan on a long ride just over to the coast and have a look around and when I feel like it I will stop in a campground which there are a lot around. This beach is one of the most popular in the country everybody tells me. I shall see tomorrow.

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