Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Gisborne to Morere Hot Springs NZ

It rained again last night and then at first light it stopped so I quickly packed up my camp. I waited a while in a cafe to see what the weather was going to do. Of course it decided to rain some more. With no place to stay in Gisborne because everything was full up I just took a bus down the road to Morere Hot Springs. I just wanted to get out of the rain and find a dry place to hole up until this relentless rain goes away. I rented a cabin at Morere. At least I will be dry for the next few days. The cabins are out of my budget of course but floating away in my tent just does not work for me.

Morere has a campground, a cafe and the Hot Springs. I already went to the Hot Springs this morning. There is a short walk then the pools are in dense forest with lots of birds singing and insects humming and making clicking noises. There were not many people around when I was there but as I left to go get some lunch a few cars were pulling into the parking lot. I will go back later this afternoon for another soak. I like sitting in the hot water when it is raining.

The big storm warnings have been down graded to showers with possible gale force winds on Sunday night and Monday. I may stay here through then or until the weather clears. I am tired of riding in rain and riding on a bus is not why I came here to New Zealand. The wifi I have is too slow for pics so they will have to wait. Now to read a couple books for a change. I had time so I did manage to add a few pics even though they are not very clear due to the rain. The clearcutting pic was in deep forest and the blacktop trail was a short trail I rode along the way.

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