Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ohope to Opotiki NZ

WellI waited in Ohope for the rain to stop and this morning it was sunny but breezy. I packed and left camp quickly. The road took me around the estuary I have been camping near for the last couple of days and after riding about 30 miles I was on the opposite side of the estuary/bay, only about a mile away from where I started as the crow flies. I rode the rest of the way to Opotiki on good roads with light Sunday traffic. It was mostly rural farms or forested right up to the road side. I enjoyed the ride. I only took a few pics because how many pics of cows and sheep can I take?

I will spend the day here in Opotike at a campground and then tomorrow I am cheating and taking a bus out to East Cape. I had planned on riding the 300 miles along the coast but there is another storm from coming in three days and I would be caught out in the sparsely populated remote cape for possibly several days waiting for that storm to pass. I am hoping that by taking the bus and cutting it to 150 miles I will be able to finish it before the rain hits again. I could easily be wrong as the weather here seems to do whatever it wants to do instead of following the forecasts.

a few pics

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