Saturday, March 21, 2015

Waipawa to Dannevirke NZ

Today I rode from Waipawa to Dannevirke on mostly flat roads with a few hills thrown in just to keep my heart working. The weather was beautiful again today. In two more days I will be in Wellington and from there I take the ferry over to the South Island. I will be tired by the time I hit Wellington and I might stay there for a couple days if I find some decent wifi just so I can catch up with all my backlog.

There are some bad roads starting in a few hours ride from where I am now and they stay bad all the way to Wellington. When I say bad I mean narrow twisting mountain roads that go up to almost 5000 feet and go up and down most of the way from what other bikers tell me. There is a beautiful gorge I will ride through but I might not even notice it focusing so hard on staying alive. The biggest climb is very dangerous on a bike with no shoulder and heavy traffic. Lots of bikers get hit from what I hear. I need to be extra careful. I will likely miss a lot of pic opportunities due to needing to focus on the road so much to stay alive. There are other options like a train and a bus or even hitch hiking but that is tough with a loaded touring bike. I will start the ride but if I have too many close calls I will abort and take one of the alternates.

The last couple days have been all rural countryside which I have already taken too many pics of so my camera has been staying in my pocket most of the time. I can’t load them anyways so I have sort of been out of the pic mood recently. Hopefully that isn’t a long term situation.

I had a great time at the campground. There were a bunch of Chech and German kids that are working in the apple fields. Just like at my last camp, they were moaning and groaning about how hard the work is and how fast they have to work just to make the minimum wage of $15 an hour. I get a kick out of all these kids that do not know what work is like. We had a good time talking about a wide range of things though. I enjoyed the night. Tonight my camp is empty so far but I am sure campers will show up. Later...

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