Sunday, March 15, 2015

waiting at Morere for Cyclone Pam to hit

Well today turned out to only have one light shower this morning then sunshine all day. I could have traveled south. Such is life. The next clear day is Wednesday by the forecast. Tomorrow is meant to be clear in the morning but then showers starting in the early afternoon and continuing right through until Tuesday night with heavy showers and high winds Sunday and Monday tapering off Tuesday. Should I just sit here twiddling my thumbs? It is good for my health to take a break but not good for my wallet paying for the cabin I am in instead of camping.

I have enjoyed myself here. I read a couple books already and found a stack of New Zealand history magazines which I read the entire stack of. I have spent hours soaking in the hot springs, so much so that I noticed I smelled like a rotten egg in bed last night despite three hot showers. The worst problem at Morere is there is no healthy foods. There is a cafe but it is mostly fast food, deep fried and lacking in any veggies. I do like to eat my healthy foods on the road. I prefer to make my own food. If a ride came up in the next couple days I would move down the coast to a place with better supplies to wait out the rain.

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