Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dunedin to Invercargill

I enjoyed a nice day traveling along the beautiful south east coast of New Zealand today. It was like a live National Geographic show with fur seals, New Zealand sea lions, yellow eyed penguins and lots of birds along with waterfalls, coastal scenes, a light house, and much more. I do not have fast enough wifi to post much for pics so you will have to wait till some time in the future to see most of it. The day ended in Invercargill which is the southern most city in New Zealand. Tomorrow I start early and will visit Milford Sound and end up in Georgetown by night time.

The day required more walking than I am capable of doing. I made it without any falls or complete breakdowns where I had to be rescued but tonight I will have sky high pain and cramps. I am already totally numb in my legs. I just hope I am able to recover enough to make it to Milford Sound in the morning. I may have to take a day off and rest and recover first but we shall see in the morning.

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