Saturday, April 18, 2015

return to Christchurch

I am in Christchurch once again. I took the bus up from Oamaru because rain was forecast but the weather was beautiful all day long. They say rain for the next two days but I hope they are wrong again. I am once again staying at Canterbury House on Bealey St. I enjoyed my last visit here so I am repeating. My plan is to see the girls when they arrive tomorrow and then my next destination is Nelson up in the North end of the South Island. Nelson is a beautiful seaside area with lots of small beaches nearby and beautiful scenery of course. I have decided to skip FJ Glacier for now. If I am not enchanted with Nelson for some reason I may drop down to the glacier but I do not see that happening. I am going to miss most of the West coast of the South Island because my time is running short already. Oh well ya can't have everything right?

I only took one pic today of a steam tractor on the road. I took it out the window of the speeding bus so it is not exactly crisp focus but it is still nice tractor and is plainly visible in the pic. Tonight will be a quiet night for me. The rugby players I met last night wanted me to go out again with them tonight here in Christchurch but that is not going to happen. I would spend too much money and drink way too much beer with those party animals. I guess I must be getting old or maybe starting to grow up just a little bit when I turn down party offers like this.

the pic:

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