Sunday, April 26, 2015

Trans-Alpine Scenic Train NZ

I splurged on a scenic Transalpine train ride today and I did enjoy it. The mountains valleys and gorges were all beautiful. The snow that fell last week is almost all gone already but the peaks still held a bit of snow. The gorges with the turquoise colored water rushing downhill were scenic. It was very difficult to take pics of the scenery from the moving train but I took some anyway, They are not real sharp focus but they will give you an idea of what the ride was like. The fog rolled in for the last part of the ride but by then we were in flat rural valley farmland.

There was a 6.2 earthquake in New Zealand while we were in the 6 mile long tunnel. I am glad it was not closer while we were underground. I do not know yet if there was any damage but our train was held up for over half an hour while they checked the tracks for damage. We got to Christchurch late due to that delay. I am curious about the quake which was just a bit north of Christchurch. Tomorrow or later tonight I will hear about it.

here are the inferior quality pics :

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