Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Back in Nelson

The rain and overcast conditions which caused a lack of visibility made me decide to hitch hike out of Takaka today. I may as well be traveling somewhere as just sitting in a room doing nothing. I left my farmstay early and hitch hiked back to my hostel in Nelson in only one ride after waiting about five minutes. The driver that picked me up was a retired painter from England. He was very entertaining. The beautiful scenery along the ride was obscured by foggy wet rainy weather. Here and there the sun would pop out for a few minutes as we drove between showers but all in all in was dreary conditions.

Once at my hostel I booked my bus to Picton and my ferry ride to Wellington for tomorrow. I will spend a couple days in Wellington then catch a bus up about halfway to Auckland where I will spend a night. The next day I will finish the ride to Aukland. I just do not want to spend that many hours on a bus to do the entire trip in one day.

Here are a few crappy pics I took out the window as we flew along in the rain.

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