Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cobargo to Bega Australia

I left the Cobargo Hotel early hoping to get a good distance in today. My plans did not work out. I stopped early yesterday not only because I liked Cobargo as a small village but because I wasn’t feeling 100%. Today I melted down even more. I started to cramp up in my stomach and also in my legs. I do not think climbing up all the hills was the problem, I think it was the plate of jumbo shrimp I ate in Narooma that got me. So I only ended up going 30 miles or 50K today.

I stopped in Bega known for its large and popular cheese company. I stopped at the cheese company for a taste and they do have lots of good cheese. Information was also located at the cheese company so I checked out with them if there were any backpacker places in town and there was one just up the road. So that is where I am today. I will stay here until I feel better. Not more than two nights I hope cause there isn’t much around here except the cheese factory.

The ride today had some big long grades going over the Warrigal Range but they were fairly easy spins to the top. At one point about 15K before Bega there was road construction and no shoulder for about 5K. That was a bit worrisome for my safety but all the cars and trucks played well. I did jump off the road a couple of times to let lines of cars and trucks go by. The scenery along that stretch was nice but I did not get a single pic because I was concentrating on my safety. I did take some pics of some farms today. I just love the classic wrap around porch on the farm houses. Some day I want to build one to live in, including the sheetmetal curved roof. More later...

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