Monday, May 4, 2015

Danger on the Road

I have given up riding around NZ on my bike. I just ran out of time. Three months was just not enough time to see and do everything here. I leave for Australia in only 9 days. I am going to bus between cities from here on because I will have more time to do things instead of just riding hard up to Auckland.

Yesterday I took the bus from Christchurch to Nelson. On the way I watched a bike rider on the highway going in the opposite direction our bus was going in get hit by a truck that cut a curve short. My bus refused to stop citing safety concerns for its passengers. Before the downed rider disappeared from sight I did see him get up off the ground. I hope he is ok. Getting clipped like that can be deadly. He was lucky. I hope that never happens to me, upsetting thing to watch unfold. I could see the rear end of the truck moving toward the rider and knew it would hit him just before it did. I need to be extra careful in the future.

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