Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hello Sydney Australia

I flew from Auckland New Zealand to Sydney Australia on a four hour flight that just about killed me. I do not do well in airports. Everything about them causes me problems. I was transported the entire way around the airport in a wheel chair and I still ended up with high pain levels when I arrived in Sydney. Usually it takes overnight for me to recover. Lugging my bike around in a box did not help the matter. The same bike in the same box was 22kilos in San Francisco and here they told me it was overweight by 3 kilos. I do not think it was overweight at all. They wanted an extra $203 dollars for the overweight. I opened the box and took out the seat which weighs about one kilo. Then they told me it was ok. The seat ended up as carry on for me. I am tired of getting hassled with my bike every time I travel.

Airports are just not designed with mobility impaired people in mind or bike travelers. Plus all the seats are hard plastic or very firm upholstery which are not good for people like me. The only airport I have ever been in that was not pure torture for me is the Madison Wisconsin airport which has comfortable soft chairs and is designed with less walking required.

When I recover and get out on the town I will post the pics. I have four nights here before I am leaving on my bike ride. Tonight is going to be spent in my room recovering.

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