Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hobart back to Melbourne

I spent a day exploring Hobart which I enjoyed and then today I flew back to Melbourne. I enjoyed Hobart and Tasmania. I will need to return there to finish all the things I wanted to do but did not have the time or money to do them all right now. It reminded me of New Zealand where I also want to return.

Once back in the hostel here in Melbourne I had to make a decision about my plans. I am still very sore and pretty mobility impaired right now from my sore back that I hurt 10 days ago now. Basically I am in no condition to take off on a 1500 mile long difficult bike ride along the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide. So I decided to take a YHA bus from here that goes along the Great Ocean Road and also stops at the sightseeing spots long the way. It is a long two day tour. I think I will like it. Then when I get to Adelaide I will have a few days to rest up before I jump on the Great Southern Railways train called the Indian Pacific Train which will take me to Perth in Western Australia over 4 days. My plan is that I will be able to ride by the time I arrive in Perth. If I am still not able to ride I will be screwed because I can't afford to just sit around in a big city staying in hostels or cheap hotels. I think I would need to just end my trip and go back to California if I am unable to ride soon enough. We shall see. I also may not be able to post again while I am on my tour until I get to Adelaide. More later...A few pics from Hobart and the museum there as well as some pics of the people in the pub with me watching the Warriors win the NBA Championship game.

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