Tuesday, July 28, 2015

EKG Test

So yesterday I got a quick health screen and one of the things was an EKG. The EKG says I recently had a heart attack. What? I never knew anything about having a heart attack. Is that even possible? Apparently it is possible and is called a silent heart attack. The clinic advised me to go straight to the ER and get follow up testing. I declined their advice.

How could I possibly have had a silent heart attack while riding my bike so often and getting so much cardio while riding long distances and pumping up all those hills and mountains? I also already eat a heart healthy diet that is as healthy as I can. No soft drinks ever, only a few beers once in a while, mostly veggies with some meat and fish, low fat diet, low salt and sugar diet and on and on and I lead a low stress lifestyle and my blood pressure is in the low normal range. It seems crazy to me.

I asked what treatment is given if I go get further tests and the dr basically just reiterated teaching me how to live my current lifestyle. So I did not see any point in follow up tests. So now if you hear that I had a massive cardiac failure or something similar you will know I was warned. I just hope the warning does not cause excess worrying that contributes to that future event. I am still pondering this test result and if I come up with anything worthwhile I will post it otherwise I plan to dump this info out of my mind and get on with my life, worryfree, same as before.