Sunday, March 18, 2012

Restarting my Ride Tomorrow.

I have all my IDs replaced now so I am ready to hit the road again. I am all packed up already. In the morning I will take the bus back down to where I turned around and my ride will continue. One asshole taking my wallet will not stop my ride or change my goals. That was just one jerk. I have met many many more nice honest friendly people than the one worthless worm who calls themself the "wallet guy."

I am looking forward to the ride for the next few days through the mountains near Big Sur and Gorda. Then it is fairly easy riding until just North of Santa Barbara at Purisma Hills and just South of Lompoc which is the highest point along the coast. The scenery should be tough to look at all day long. I will try to take pics but I am already passing a lot of beautiful views because there are just too many of them.

My health still sucks. My pain level has been consistently high. My ability to walk is very limited from all the nerve damage so I hope I don't break down or something out in the middle of nowhere. I would have to just wait to be rescued by some good samaritan coming along. I do trust in the basic goodness of humanity. It is just that the jerks like the wallet guy get more press than the good people in the world.

C'est la vie, shit happens sometimes, especially when on the road in new situations with unknown people around. A lot less shit happens to people that sit on a safe sofa watching tv for their life thrills. At least I try to live my life myself not vicariously through tv.

My next post will be from somewhere along the road, where ever I find a hotspot to post from.

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