Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ride Day 4

Today was a spectacular bike ride. My plan was to take Bart to Fremont and then a bus to where I stopped my ride last time. I thought the bus went all the way to Carmel but it was not running today so I had to climb Carmel grade yet again to start my day off. From the top of the grade I jumped on 1 and it was downhill for bit. I have learned that everything that goes down always comes back up when you are riding a bike. I had quite a bit of grade going up today to get from Monterey to Big Sur but every burn of the muscle was worth it.
The ride had so much gorgeous scenery that I burned out on all the magnificent views. Still managed to take 80 pics on a 45 mile ride though. All the pics will be on my Picasa web album later when I get some wifi. The Carmel area with its rocky shoreline and cliffs along the ocean just made one postcard view after another. My photography was kind of lazy because getting back on the road with all the hills today kind of wore me out a bit. I think I still got a few good pics out of the bunch. The bridge at Bixby Creek has been photographed millions of times but I stil had to take a few of it just to pass the time so I did not look like a tired old man dieing of a heart attack while trying to get his breath back after riding up the hills all day. But while riding today, I did look at some beautifull views without taking a pic.
Normally I like to get off the track and visit things like the Point Sur lighthouse but today I rode past all that type of stuff, Just too tired. I will get better after a few days on the road again.
I am camping at Big Sur and the only other person in camp is a 24 year old girl. She has been fun to talk to. She is riding her bike to San DIego also but then on to Colorado after that. So she is ambicious for her first ever bike touring. We talked for about an hour about her traveling and school and stuff. She had hippy parents and was raised on a sailboat. She shows it in her fierce independence and confidence. She was not throttled in your typical American educational setting.
There was snow on the hilltops as I rode down the coast. It will be cold tonight. I will be so tired I doubt if I will notice but if I get too cold at least there is another body in camp to warm up with. Yesterday it was hailing here along with rain and cold wind. Today has been sunny and warm all day so far. Fantastic restart as far as I'm concerned. Pics later when I get a good Wifi, this connection is too slow. More later....

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