Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Weather Delay

I am in Safford AZ right now. I had planned on hitting the mountains in Eastern AZ and into New Mexico starting today but the weather is ugly. As I arrived in Safford yesterday afternoon the winds hit 55mph and they are coming out of the direction I am heading into. There are higher winds predicted for the next few days along with rain and at higher elevations snow is predicted. I have a 6800' pass and an 8228' pass to climb over in the next few days of riding. I guess this weather will force me to wait here in Safford for a few days until this system blows itself out.

I could use the rest. I left San Francisco weighing 210 pounds and last night I weighed myself and I was only 187 pounds. That is too much weight to lose that quickly. I have been trying to eat as much food as possible but also healthy food. I am eating lots of protein and fruit and vegies. I also pack in the carbs to make myself last riding all day.

My caloric burn is just higher than my intake so I am losing weight. I can afford to lose weight but I just don't like it going down this fast. A few days rest might allow my body to rebuild some muscles instead of more fat. I still have a belly roll it is just smaller. I think by the end of this ride my belly roll will be totally gone. That is a good thing I hope. More later.


  1. glad to see you - ended up spending the night in Silver City abnd missed your rec room. Gorgeous miles going up and up - 6 m. of switchbacks on NO shoulders, very deserted roads - take LOTS of water...tough country for bikes. Terrible winds, could hardly stand up at the one and only pull off. Sunny but not hot. NO traffic but horse trailers (and only a few!). NO was tiring just driving. (posted 15-35 mph which tells you about road curves and conditions. this re-entry is too fast from the goodness of smell and feel Land on bike-camp mode. Be careful and safe - very difficult 112 miles into Silver City. Be sure NOT TO MISS the turnoff east on 180 to City of Rocks -well worth a campsite there, amazing place and only 4.5 m. off route - all paved ($5 fee). there are only 6 places on Earth like it...take care! PS - love your photos!
    Jim & Diana

  2. Thanks for the info Jim and Diana. I see the weather says there could be up to 10 inches of new snow at Emory Pass with snow down to 4000' from this storm. This will be a challenge for me. I could just melt snow to drink as long as it isn't yellow, right?