Friday, April 13, 2012

Waiting out Weather

I hope I made the right decision to wait out the predicted storm. The weather prediction says high winds to 55-60 mph, lightning, half inch rain below 4000', up to 10" of snow above 4000' and possible tornadoes. So I am sitting in Safford AZ waiting for this storm to pass over. I did not want to get caught up at 7-8000' in conditions like that. It could be deadly.

There are also storms coming up from the Gulf of Mexico into Texas. These warm wet storms and the cold air passing over here will collide near the borders of New Mexico and Texas and could cause weather havoc there also. Texas has been getting slammed lately with lots of bad weather. I hope I get through there safely.

Unfortunately for me I do not trust the weather predictions. They tend to over hype all storms as worse than they turn out to be. I am guessing a few inches of snow up high and 1/4" of rain down at lower elevations. I am still not going to challenge the weather because if I am wrong I could be dead wrong. Such is life.

I am resting up and trying to regain some weight here in Safford AZ as I wait. I am eating five meals a day and resting as much as possible. When I leave here I have some very tough hard climbs over desolate, high mountain passes. I need fresh legs to make it. My friends ahead of me say the ride is difficult but has awesome scenery along the way that makes it worth the effort.

I will be out of touch once I leave here until I rejoin a more populated world on the other side of the mountains in New Mexico. I might find an internet in Silver City but otherwise not likely. More later.

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