Saturday, May 19, 2012

Medical Day Off

Well a couple days ago I said I had a seizure and there was some pain going on afterward. So this morning I got up and I was pretty sore so I decided not to ride. I went into the office at the campground to tell them I was spending another night and we started to talk about why. The next thing I knew there were two paramedics standing there checking me out and they insisted that I had to go to the hospital for my problem which they told me looked like DVT or deep vein thrombosis which is a fancy word for a blood clot in my lower leg. So after a lot of grumbling on my part I was whisked off by ambulance to the hospital. They stuck me and poked me and asked me a million questions and tortured me to see where it hurts. Then they told me that I needed to be transported by ambulance again to another bigger hospital 75 miles away because my problem was so urgent. So I was whisked off again 75 miles away to the main hospital down on the coast. There they repeated everything the first hospital did and then did their own tests like an ultrasound of my leg. I was able to talk them out of the cat scan and further tests to verify my seizure cause. They eventually released me with official looking papers saying just what I said in my blog the other day about my problems. So I wasted the day and the insurance bill will probably be $15,000 or so. I regret going in the first place. Screw the medical establishment. Tomorrow I will ride again...

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