Friday, May 18, 2012

Ride Day 51

I left Blackwater State Park at first light. As I pulled out of the camping loop road there was an armadillo in the road. I tried to get my camera out and ready to take a pic but he was too quick for me and I missed the pic. Then about a hundred yards up the road I saw a fox squirrel and again I was too slow on the draw to get a pic. I rode on slowly and was looking around a lot and I saw some deer then some quail and a few turtles. It was a good day of seeing wildlife so far. I did not see any snakes or gators or even any turkeys today though. I enjoyed the slow pace of my ride. The miles still piled up quicker than I expected. I stopped for breakfast at a cafe and ate my usual egg, cheese and sausage sandwich with coffee. The woman working was quizzing me about my ride so far. She asked a ton of questions all of which I have heard repeatedly but I answered her questions. I took almost no pics today. I was preoccupied with my health problems and the road was mostly just a country road with long leaf pines lining the sides of the road. I finally stopped in the early afternoon at an RV resort called Sunset King Lake Resort. There is a pool and a lake with lots of campers around. I am still just resting at this moment, sitting in the office doing this computer stuff. I will get up and eat again pretty soon because I have only had three meals so far today. Then maybe a swim might be in order. I feel a bit better than I did last night at this time but I am still hurting. I hope it is better soon....More later

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