Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rest Day Ride to Myrtle Beach

This morning I got up early and showered then rode over to Sunset Beach to have breakfast and do some wifi. After eating, I decided to cruise down South toward Myrtle Beach South Carolina for today’s entertainment. Myrtle Beach is about twenty miles South of Calabash North Carolina where I am camping. The ride took me back on the narrow busy roads that I disliked so much on my way into town here. It seemed better with an empty bike than it was with my entire load of junk on my bike or at least it required a lot less effort to ride. It got hot though. High was predicted to be high 90s today with high humidity. The first stop for me was Cherry Grove Beach which is just North of North Myrtle and then Myrtle Beach. At Cherry Grove I went out to the pier and looked around then sat down at a beach front cafĂ© to have a Cuban Sandwich and a cup of coffee. The ride South to North Myrtle Beach did not take very long but I stopped and had an ice cream cone when I got there and checked out the beach. It looked exactly like Cherry Grove to me, crowded with July 4th tourists. I jumped back on my bike and rode to Myrtle Beach. The traffic was thick and there were just too many people so I gave up and rode back up to Calabash and had an ice cream at the Creamery and checked my internet junk while I was there. It was too hot to go hang out in my tent and to hang out in the campground there were way too many hungry mosquitoes so I opted for the Sippin Suds Bar for a few hours of air conditioned pleasant company. I rode 52 miles on my day of rest. So much for resting…

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