Sunday, July 1, 2012

Still in Calabash

Well here I sit in Calabash North Carolina. The weather forecast for the next ten days is terrible news for a bike rider. Thundershowers with high winds are on the forecast for every single day. These storms have been hitting just north of here for the last week and have taken out lots of trees and knocked out power to millions of homes--not what I want to hear. Yesterday I rode around town a bit looking for a laundry to wash my dirty clothes. I had to ride all the way down into Little River South Carolina to find one. I did my clothes and then ate yet another breakfast, my third of the day today. Then I went and had a root beer float over at the creamery just to make sure I was getting enough calories in me. I am still eating as much as I can afford to eat. My weight is 176 pounds and I started at 210 when I left San Francisco. That is too much weight loss in such a short time so I am clearly not eating too much. After the ice cream fix I headed over to the Sippin Suds bar to hide out in their air conditioning because the temps felt like a 100 degrees today. I was talking with Bonnie the owner and she expected a large group of bikers to show up for a short stop. She asked me to video them coming into her parking lot and to take some pics while they were there. I did that for her and enjoyed hanging out with all the bikers from the Titans motorcycle club. We talked about their ride today but mostly they all just sat quietly and tried to recover from the brutal heat outside today. The highest temp they rode through today was 109 degrees. That is too hot to ride in if you ask me, even on a motorcycle. That is why I am just sitting tight here in Calabash. The weather is just to hot to safely ride a bike and now the thundershowers are supposed to start and high winds to boot. I am seriously thinking about ending my ride right here. This weather pattern is forecast for the next ten days. Yikes. I am thinking about all my options and I don't like any of them. I need to decide soon because I can not afford to just sit in hotels around here, that would cost me a hundred bucks a day in this tourist area. Such is the life of a wandering biker...

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