Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg has been a rest weekend for me.  There is just too much traffic on the narrow twisting winding uphill road going north from here to ride on the weekend.  I will leave Monday morning again and hope for a safe ride over the big grade at Leggett.  Fort Bragg has been a great rest spot.  I have been going to Zappa'a Coffee in the Company Store for good coffee and snacks while I use their high speed internet.  Yesterday I watched harbor seals pupping on the beach.  The day before there was an orca that took a seal right close to shore here.  I missed catching that action on camera.  I have been riding around enjoying the sights and things like the Skunk Train, the bike trail along the beach and all the beautiful coastline with so many nature sights to see. 

The Abalone fisherman are all limiting with big abs.  They shared with me so I got my taste of ab in.  Easy pickings is what they are all saying with big abs.  I am enjoying the hiker biker camp site in the state park.  Lots of friendly people about.  My health has been up and down good and not so good.  I hope I am well enough to hit the road tomorrow.  Today the sun finally came out for the first time.  I was starting to think that is wasn't fog but rather smoke from all the stoners living here in Mendocino County.  I am having trouble getting my pics to loas but I will try.

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