Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ride Day 71

I rode from Salt Point to Fort Bragg yesterday 46 miles with 2500 feet of climbing.  I took my time and enjoyed the ride.  The coast is just so beautiful from a bike.  I wish I could climb down into all the deserted coves and stuff just to explore.  I get tired from all the hills but such is the life of a wandering old man.  It is good for me getting all this workout.  This weekend I am taking off because the road is a narrow twisting winding road with several thousand feet of climbing ahead of me and the traffic is just too heavy on the weekend.  The locals tell me Monday will be a better day to ride on.  Fort Bragg is a great little town.  The people have all been very friendly and helpful.  I finally got some good high speed internet to catch up with all my stuff.  The only problem is I don't feel like sitting here writing.  There are lots of pics to see on my site.  I will post a few here also.  The campground MacKerricher State Park is a hiker biker friendly one with lots of abalone fisherman in camp.  I had an abalone burrito last night that was delicious.  They saw orcas along the beach here yesterday.  One fisherman watched one kill a seal in the water while he was abbing.  I am going to go out and look for them later today.  Maybe I will get lucky.  Yesterday at Salt Point I saw a cougar so I have already had some luck seeing wildlife.  My health is still a problem.  I can't sleep at night from high pain.  Tonight I am going to take a sleeping pill to get caught up a bit.  The weather is still foggy and cool.  Or maybe it is all smoke from the stoners here in Mendocino County how am I to know. 

While I was riding yesterday there was a sign and a cardboard box along the highway and the sign said free weed.  I looked in the box and it was full of mostly shake but I cracked up to see it just sitting on the road there.  This is the weed capital of California though so I wasn't that surprised to see it.  I forgot to take a pic cause I was laughing to hard.   I am at the Company Store in the center of Fort Bragg using their free wifi and drinking coffee.  I have had a real problem finding wifi to use that is even close to high speed.  My plans to post my Garmin everyday have gone up in smoke so to speak since it requires high speed wifi.  I am kind of pissed off with my Garmin 800 Edge unit.  It has been nothing but a problem so far.  It uses up its battery power too quickly and the worst thing is it has turned itself off twice and erased my ride records which is irritating as hell for such an expensive unit.  When I tested it out before this ride it seemed to work ok but I am having trouble finding places to charge it and good enough wifi to upload with.  If it doesn't get working better I am going to just turn it off and not spend time worrying over it.  I will still have it for navigation if I need it but I will give up on trying to record my rides with it.  More later...

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