Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ride Day 70

Today is a ride from Salt Point to Manchester a ride of about 42 miles along the coast on coastal highway  I with rolling hills and not any large grades involved.  I took my time and leisurely crawled along looking at the coast as I went and taking lots of pics.  I have no way of uploading the pics right now but I will later. 

I do feel better today.  I felt so bad in Bodega Bay that I was thinking about giving up on my planned ride  but now I think I will be able to continue if I take it easy until I get into the swing of riding a bike all day everyday.  It takes this text but won 't let me do pics.  I also have limited charge on my computer and a slow wifi that I am trying to work with so this is just a short note.

I met some interesting people in a couple of coffee shops I stopped in.  It was good to get in a bit of time with humans after my lonely night at Salt Point.  I am sitting in Point Arena right now 7 miles from my campsite at Manchester.  I wish I had enough wifi to get my stuff done.  My Garmin would not work at all.  I hope I did not lose the data from the last two days trying to upload it.  I got a fail message.  Garmin has pissed me off to no end.  I have an 800 dollar piece of high tech bs that turned itself off for no reason yesterday and I think it deleted the data but I won't know until I get a good internet hookup.  The unit comes with no manual and the downloadable one is worthless.  It is a list of features with no help as to how to use those fancy features.  The battery also goes down way too fast.  To upload the data I need highspeed internet and out here in the back woods people just aren't very concerned about that.  Frustrating to say the least.  I am going to stop now and come back at a later date to upload pics and finish my blog.  Right now I am going to go finish the last seven miles.  Enjoy life.

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