Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ride Day 107

Today I rode from Butte to Missoula but I got a 15 mile boost from a guy in a pickup truck so I only rode 105 miles. It was a beautiful day to ride after a cold frosty start. The air was clear so I could see all the mountains surrounding me and the colors of the fields and everything were brilliant. The ride was physically tough but I still enjoyed it. I was planning on stopping at about 90 miles but when I stopped a guy in a truck asked it I needed a lift. I told him I didn't need one but that I would take one. He was from Wisconsin delivering a trailer here in Montana and was just driving up to see an uncle near Glacier and he had some time to kill. We chatted and had a good time talking about Wisconsin and my bike ride and his trailer company that he is retired from but still does deliveries like this because he likes to get around. When he dropped me off I decided to just ride the last fifteen miles to Missoula instead of camping somewhere. Glad I did because my friends Jeff and Shalene were having a BBQ that night and I got there just in time to score a few calories to help feed my deficit. I enjoyed talking to the group at the bbq and I ate like a pig. The next morning they all went gem hunting on a drive down to Dillon or something like that and I reluctantly headed back East on I-90. I have given up on going to Glacier Nat Park because they changed their minds and will not have any more hiker biker days on the road but instead will allow cars on the entire road by the 21 of June. I just do not want to fight traffic on the narrow roads there. I was really looking forward to a peaceful ride where I could just ride and enjoy the beautiful scenery but with heavy traffic and no shoulders that is not possible so now it is a dream on my bucket list. Instead I am taking I-90 to I-94 East. I plan on riding hard and basically just bypassing North Dakota as much as I can. Then I will cut up to Fargo ND to cross Minnesota and over to Wisconsin I think. My plans are kind of winging it a bit at this point. No pics because the wifi here is too slow.

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