Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ride Day 108

The title is a bit misleading because I skipped that I left Missoula by hitch hiking and got a ride most of the way to Butte so I did not count that as a day of riding. The ride to Butte was entertaining though. The older man that gave me a ride was just lonely and depressed and trying to ride around the country to help him cope with the recent deaths of his wife and son. We talked about it. He was also just rejected by his remaining family and he felt bad about that too. I understand his family issues. We talked about our similar problems and coping with depression. I told him how riding the bike has basically saved my life and he liked that. When we got to Butte he checked into a hotel but I was totally bust for money so I hitched a ride up to the top of the pass and guerrilla camped for the night. I ended up liking my camp spot so much that I took the next day off. The guy that gave me a ride up there was also camping so I camped with him. He was a nice guy a bit down on his luck homeless but enjoying his camping in the woods from what I could see. He also was just offered a job that day so he was excited to finally get some money coming in. We talked a lot about his problems but I still enjoyed the company. The next morning he drove me around the forest and down to the lake. We were planning on watching animals but did not see jack. The scenery was great. Montana just has so much great outdoor type scenery with all the mountains and trees and stuff. Then the next morning I packed up and rode to Bozeman about 90 miles away. My friend Mitch drove me the mile to the freeway from where we camped. The ride to Bozeman was another tough one with headwinds coming and going and a few big long grades but I can handle those conditions unless the headwinds get too strong. I only took a few pics because this is backtracking on the same road that I was just on a few days ago. I just pushed on and was in Bozeman before noon. I caught up on my internet junk and got my haircut. Since then I have been doing nothing but eating. I had a pound of hamburger with cheese and made six cheeseburgers. Then I had my orange, apple and banana and some apple cider to wash it all down. I am off for ice cream as soon as I finish this post. It is getting dark and threatening out there so I might end up missing the ice cream but I bought a bunch of candy just in case. No pics because the wifi is too slow. Life is good.

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