Friday, August 9, 2013

Ride Day 134

This morning my friend Regi gave me a ride through the worst parts of Detroit that I needed to get through then we said goodbye and I took off pedaling along the lake near Grosse Point which is a ritzy area right next to a bombed out area of Detroit. I rode for 25 miles along city streets with an increasing headwind slowing me down then I turned out of the wind and hit road construction. I finally made it to the ferry very tired for such a short ride. After the ferry took me to the Canadian side I had to go through immigration. they almost did not let me in the country. I had to correct them when they told me I had been arrested multiple times when in fact I have never been arrested other than the fiasco in Nigeria but I failed to remember that at the time. They would not tell me what arrests they were talking about but rather asked me to explain all my arrests. I told them I have no arrest record and maybe they have the wrong records or something. They finally gave in and allowed me to enter. I immediately found a campground and set up camp then I jumped on my bike and when looking around. I rode north along the river and ended up stopping at a bar grill and had a beer and a burger. I chatted with the owner and the waitress for a long time and a had fun with a few drinking patrons also. I then ambled back to the campground which cost $30 by the way plus tax. Some of the people in the campground came over to talk when they saw my bike. I then went down to the river to see what was going on and ran into a man named Jim that was monitoring the ship traffic on his scanner and then watching each ship go by. He told me all the facts of each ship as it passed. He is a retired ship worker and also worked for GM long enough to get a pension. We talked for a long time about his career and then about his daughter that is doing a charity bike ride from LA to Jersey. She raised over $10,000 for her charity. He also told me about the storm the night before that brought down a lot of large branches and a few trees along with some heavy rain showers. Glad I got here a day later. The night was beautiful but again the campground was very noisy until very late at night. I really do prefer the quiet solitude of camping alone along the side of the road somewhere. I got my 2 hours sleep in but they had no wifi so I could not communicate with anybody.

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