Friday, August 9, 2013

Ride Day 135

I woke up early and crawled out of my tent still tired but unable to sleep. My tent was all wet so I emptied it and turned it over to dry and put the fly and tarp over picnic tables to dry also. While I waited for them to dry I charged my electronics and made some coffee and oatmeal. When I finally got loaded onto the bike I took off. The road today was a long straight flat kind of boring farmland county road. There was construction for about 6 miles where the road was scalloped for resurfacing and I had to ride over the scalloped road. That short ride probably shortened the life of my bike tires by 1500 miles. I felt them after I was past the construction and there was a coating of rubber dust on the tires from the abuse of the rough road. I came to my first small town at about 40 miles and stopped for a breakfast of bacon and eggs. I got back on the bike and rode another 30 miles before I stopped for some lunch then I stopped just up the road from lunch at Holland House for a second coffee break. I started talking to the owner and all the customers about biking and ice skating because an 82 year old Dutch man told me he still skates competitively and rides century bike rides as well. We talked for about an hour which I enjoyed and then I finally got back in the saddle. I rode another 10 miles before I suddenly started to feel sick so I checked into a motel for the night so that I would have easy access to a toilet. After a few hours of agony on the toilet I felt better. Tomorrow I will try to make it to Niagara Falls but my stomach may have something to say about that so I will just do whatever I feel up to. I have to stop staying in hotels or I will be bust in a week. Hotels just are not in my tight budget and I have had two in the last week, both "emergency" hotels so to speak. I took very few pics but here they are.

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