Friday, January 31, 2014

Ride Day 154 Cambria to SLO

Last night I stayed in a hostel in Cambria and I got a bed in a dorm. Big Mistake. There was a very loud snorer in the room that made it impossible to sleep so for the second night in a row I was awake all night. I prefer sleeping in my tent. The worst part was when his sleep apnea made him go silent for a couple of minutes then he would erupt with a very loud gasp and snore that rattled the windows. I woke him up and asked him to roll over and he denied snoring but rolled over and went to sleep quietly but just as I was going to sleep he rolled over on his back again and went back to sawing logs with his chainsaw. I gave up and played games on my computer all night. In the morning I left for San Luis Obispo aka SLO with two other riders. I have done the ride before so I took very few pics. We rode to Morro Bay and had a bowl of clam chowder for lunch. After cruising the waterfront for a while we took the back roads to SLO. I was going to take 101 but changed my mind for some reason to the longer back roads route. The ride was fairly easy all day. There were a few hills to grind up but the scenery was good if you like dry brown drought conditions. The irrigated farms along the way with their bright green colors really stood out in contrast to the monotone color scheme of the scenery. My companion half my age complained that I ride too hard cause he could not keep up. I had to laugh at that. I can ride a long ways because I pace myself. I have ridden with many younger riders that all dash off early in the morning and go like hell up the early hills and stuff while I fall behind them. The funny thing is then at around thirty miles into a ride they all suddenly lose it and I glide past them and I can easily ride for another 70 miles while they are huffing and puffing and almost dead by 40 miles. Live and learn. I was the one jumping out hard not that long ago you know like thirty years ago. I am resting up and going over my packed things to make sure I want everything I am carrying. My weight is too high in my opinion. I should be able to get rid of half my stuff but I find it very difficult to do that. Later today I am going to read a couple of books and relax. My riding companion Emmanuel from Belgium is leaving today to continue his ride to San Diego.

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