Monday, February 3, 2014

Ride Day 155 SLO to Lompoc

I really enjoyed my three days in San Luis Obispo aka SLO. It was great to see my friend Gary again and he was a perfect host while I was there. We watched the stuporbowl with some friends of his that were also bike riders. We did a lot of chatting about riding and touring while the boring football game went on. There were lots of good foods too and some FireStone beers from the local Buellton brewery.

This morning I left SLO with the intent to go to Solvang and stay at the RV Park in Buellton nearby. I changed my mind and first rode over to Avila Beach just to look at it. I had to backtrack 5 or 6 miles to get over to Pismo Beach and ride down CA-1. The ride took me past Vandenberg Air Force Base and over a few big 1000ft hills and lots of smaller rolling hills. Nothing was flat. The landscape is such a dull brown monotone that I am taking few pics, plus I have ridden this route before and took lots of pics. When I arrived at Lompoc it was still 26 miles to Gaviota Beach State Park where I wanted to get to but it was already 3pm so I changed my plans and stopped here. I plan on camping in River Park just outside of town on the road to Santa Barbara. Tomorrow I want to do the 60 miles to there and then maybe a few more cause I don't want to spend the night in Santa Barbara.

I first stopped at a Starbux in Lompoc and was talking to a nice retired couple. They told me what the road was like and stuff like and helped me decide to stay here in Lompoc. I also talked to a couple in Pismo Beach in the morning. they were very interested in my bike ride and took my blog address to look it up. I enjoyed talking to them while I ate my sweet roll and drank a cup of coffee. I need to go find my campsite now. More later.

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