Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ride Day 156 Lompoc to Refugio state beach

Yesterday I got up early and headed out on the road with the intention of going a long distance but in the end I was beat up after only 30 miles. Maybe it was due to my poor diet the day before but who knows, I just lacked get up and go energy. I stopped at Refugio State Beach for the night. I was there by 11am. After getting camp set up I went for a short ride around the beach. There were a few other campers I talked to that were fun to chat with. Then I went back to my tent and rested for 3 hours. The truth be told, I had a minor seizure in Lompoc and I could not ride very well. My muscle coordination was off and my timing and all of my muscles were just flat out sore. So I rested up all day watching whales blow offshore and lots of dolphins feeding and playing right at the beach breakers. I enjoyed watching it all. While I was resting in my tent the ground squirrels were trying to raid my food stash but I guarded it well. The birds were quicker and got a few morsels of bread. A fellow camper offered me a beer so I indulged while we watched the sun set. He was from South Africa. I threw a frisbe for a dog named Lola for about twenty minutes and had fun doing it. Then after the sun went down I retired to my tent enjoying being freshly showered and played computer games for a while before I went to sleep at an awfully early hour.

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