Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ride Day 158 Point Mugu to Oceanside

I was overly ambitious today. I did this same ride during my ride around the country and although it was tiring it was not that bad. But today it did not go as planned. After cleaning up after the rain during the night, I rode from Point Mugu into Malibu which was a long hard ride and I was going to stop for breakfast in town but instead I took a bus into Santa Monica. The bus ride was fun as I was the only passenger for the hour long ride due to a traffic accident that made traffic a nightmare. The driver and I were talking about everything under the sun and it was entertaining. When I finally said goodbye to him in Santa Monica it was starting to rain again.

I went into a restaurant to get a hot breakfast of eggs and the whole shebang with the hope that the rain would stop. It did. So I jumped back on my bike and took off. I did not get far before the rain came again. I asked around and took another bus, to the airport this time. It was a short ride but it got me out of the rain. I took another bus from there into Long Beach.

It was finally clear again so I stopped for some wifi at McDs and to my surprise they have a new wifi service that lets Bing and MSN work fast but slows everything else down to a crawl. What the hell is McDs thinking? Pissing of customers is not their usual style. I gave up and went out to get on my bike and my helmet was missing. The day was starting to get to me. I rode on without a helmet and about an hour later the rain started up yet again. This was getting old.

I stopped at a Starbux to wait for it to stop but it was looking worse and worse for better weather. I tried to find another bus and everyone told me a different story until finally I met a young lady that told me about a bus that goes to San Clemente which would get me out of the hell hole of LA. I went to where she told me and sure enough there was the bus. I took it to the end of the line with rain coming down the entire ride. Then I waited an hour in the rain for another bus to take me to Oceanside very close to Carlsbad which was my destination. I again had fun with the driver yacking the entire ride. In Oceanside I wanted to just get a hotel and rest up and clean up. My bike broke down on the way to the hotel. What else was going to go wrong next? I fixed the bike in the rain and checked into a hotel where I wrote this and now plan to sleep like a baby until 10 tomorrow morning. By the way I did not take a single pic today in the grey wet drizzling weather.

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