Monday, February 10, 2014

Ride Day 159 Carlsbad to San Diego

Last night I spent a wonderful night with my friend Jeanne in Carlsbad. She is remodeling her kitchen and we talked about that for a bit. We BBQed steaks on the grill for dinner. Great dinner, thanks Jeanne. The next morning we rode together to San Diego. I enjoyed riding with a local guide. Jeanne knew her way around so we took all the best routes to void traffic and still see the sights. Once in San Diego we had an early lunch. After a short discussion about whether to eat in Old Town where we know the food is average at best and fairly expensive or take a chance and pick a random street taco stand. We are both risk takers so we did the random chance. We chose well. There was a San Diego firefighter waiting for his meal and he ranted and raved about our choice as the best in 40 miles. Our burritos were good. After lunch we rode downtown and Jeanne turned around to go back to Carlsbad. I continued on to San Ysidro where I got a hotel room for the price of the KOA campground. Why they charge so much to pitch a tent I will never figure out. At my hotel I repacked my bags for the trip into Mexico. a few pics

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