Monday, February 10, 2014

Ride Day 160 SD to San Quintin MX

I rode over to the Mexican border and I had a problem, the bike path to the border was closed. So I went over to the pedestrian bridge made famous in No Country For Old Men and there was a big sign NO BIKES. The only other way to enter Mexico was on the freeway so I took it. When I rode up to the gates, the border officials did not like it one bit that I was riding my bike on the freeway. I explained the situation with the closed bike path and the big sign on the pedestrian bridge and they allowed it. While arguing with them I met a couple from Utah and they told me they would give me a ride to Ensenada. I jumped into their RV and we were off. I ended up riding all the way to San Quintin which was much deeper into Mexico than I had intended to ride by vehicle but I am glad I did. My RV hosts Pat and Gary, were very nice hosts and fun, easy to talk to people. The next thing I knew we were in San Quintin. I set up my tent in our shared site and went to eat and have a beer in the restaurant nearby. We ran into another couple from San Diego and we all sat around chatting for a good time. Great day with more of the wonderful people I meet on the road. a few pics shot out the window...

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