Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day off in San Quintin MX

It is only 7 in the morning here in San Quintin MX. I have been up and around for hours already. Today is a day off from riding just so that I can acclimate myself to being in Mexico now. I am camping in an RV Park called Don Eddie's with the Utah couple Pat and Gary that gave me ride yesterday. My Spanish, which has always been terrible, is extremely rusty right now and I am trying to remember words and phrases so I can communicate better. I need to buy a new pocket dictionary soon. I also really need to take some more classes. The worst part for me is my hearing is poor and in Spanish you need to hear all the syllables of the words to know what is being said and I can only hear and understand about 50% of it. It is the same for me in English only hearing 50% but in English I can quickly fill in the missing words to figure out what people are saying. Much more work is needed on my part to get so that I can speak better Spanish.

The last few days while I was getting ready to enter Mexico I had a feeling of excitement in my body and mind about entering Mexico on a bike. I loved that feeling. It is very hard for me to get excited about anything these days because I am just too jaded being the grumpy old man that I am. Now that I am in Mexico those feelings have already disappeared and I am back to my normal routine life devoid of excitement. Don't get me wrong I love traveling in Mexico or anywhere for that matter and I enjoy myself tremendously but I am just never excited any more.

Today I plan to soak up a bit of sun on my lilly white body and try as much as I can working on my Spanish with the locals. They all speak some English so I can ask what words mean and things like that. They are being very cooperative with my feeble attempts to speak Spanish. They tell me I need a long haired dictionary to learn to speak Spanish. I could go along with that way of learning but where do I find this long haired dictionary that they speak of? I will try to add more to this later in the day and hopefully a few pics.

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