Monday, February 17, 2014

Another Day off in San Ignacio

After yesterday’s fun with the grey whales I hoped to sleep well and take off for Loreto this morning. My body made other plans. I set up camp in a campground near a small lake and crawled into my bed to get a good night of rest before I hit the road. I immediately started to cramp up and had lots of early warning signs for having a seizure. Many times I felt like a major attack was starting but I managed to avoid one with lots of meditation and yoga techniques that helped me stay relaxed and release the cramps as they came along.
It was a struggle for me but I made it through to morning without a seizure but totally sleepless yet again. I am very sore especially in my legs from all the cramping. So needless to say, I gave up on hitting the road and will relax today as much as I am able to do. Hopefully my body will recover in one day and I won’t continue to have this problem.
I am sure that the rough road going out to the lagoon yesterday and then the ride in the boat both contributed to the sorry state of my body last night. I also did too much walking during the day. Today I plan on no walking, no riding on rough roads, lots of healthy food and lots of water. I want to get back on the road.
I am still rehashing the whale trip in my head. I found a few bites on my arms and found out that they are whale lice bites. It is like a hole drilled into my flesh. They do not itch and the guide told me they heal quickly as long as they don’t get secondary infections. Maybe today I will try to get my videos up on youtube so that I can share them. They are far from perfect videos but they give the feel for being that up close with the grey whales. More later if I find wifi…

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