Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ride days 164-5 San Ignacio to Mulege

I want to start this blog today with a big FUCK YOU GOOGLE!!! Google is making it impossible for me to work with them. Every time I turn on my computer they have changed something with no explanations of how the new fucking not improved google works. I have to waste hours of my time trying to figure out their newest latest fucked up bs. They combined all my accounts. I do not want them combined. I have them separate for good reasons. Stop trying to make my life easier goolge because you are not making it easier. I am leaving the google family very soon and will go with a different provider. I preferred your system two years ago without all your stupid improvements. Fire all those frigging people that you have making improvements because none are improvements. I HATE YOU NOW GOOGLE.

That rant over, I left San Ignacio early in foggy weather. I was freezing cold but within a half hour it was climbing into the hot range. I stripped off my warm clothes and went with shorts and a long sleeved bike jersey. The road was flat at first but quickly turned into a hard grind up long grade after long grade. The temperature hit 95 I am told. That seems to be the going temp here lately. I like the cold nights but it is hard work riding in all the mountains in 95 degree heat.

I had a great morning breakfast stop at a little unmarked cafe along the side of the road. Glad I stopped for that food because later in the day I hit some really hard grades to climb up. Just before Santa Rosalia there is a big long grade that I spun up to the top of but just before I crested I spotted some rare shade from an overhanging rock. I stopped and made coffee, ate some snacks, drank some water and generally just rested up for over 20 minutes. Then I jumped on my bike for the big downhill coast. As I came over the top of the hill there was a crew of road workers and they flagged me down. They just wanted to talk to me. They know the hill I just rode my bike up was a tough long hard ride and they looked at me in amazement looking all fresh and relaxed like I was poking along a flat cool road. They asked me if I was tired and I said no. They asked me if the hill was hard work and I laughed and just said there are bigger mountains in the world. They noticed I wasn't winded or sweating and they all started telling me how strong I must be to come up such a big hill and look so refreshed. I am an evil person I guess, I never told them about my 20 to 25 minute break just below the crest. I just glided off and waved to them.

I spent the night in an RV camp near Santa Rosalia. As I pulled into the camp one of the residents was getting his daily fish cleaned by his deck hand. He had some yellowtail and some bass. He gave me some fillets and I thanked him. I went to setup my camp but first I cooked the fish and ate it like a starving savage. I think my body was craving some easily digested protein like that. After I setup camp I went over and talked with the local snowbirds wintering in this RV park. They were fun to talk to. But I was tired and went to my tent early to lay down and rest my tired body.

In the morning I rode out of camp early looking for a restaurant but there was nothing open so I hit the road. The road was a slight uphill grade for about 15 miles with some rolling hills. Then I spotted another small roadside cafe. I had another great breakfast in it. The woman was very friendly and talked to me a lot. My Spanish still sucks but we communicated alright.

When I hit the road I had to climb a few long grades but then at about 35 miles I was at the top and got to coast downhill for a long ways coming into Mulege. Riding around town I suddenly decided that I did not want to spend the night in a loud Mexican City after all my peaceful nights in San Ignacio and my other recent stops. So I rode out to the south side of town and stopped at another RV park that had wifi and here I am...Tomorrow I will go a bit further south looking for a place to spend a couple of days doing nothing but staring out at the Sea of Cortez planning evil revenges for google.


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