Friday, February 21, 2014

Ride Day 166 Mulege to Buena Adventuras

I got up early in the campground and looked around the hotel RV park for a little while. Finally I smelled coffee and headed over to the restaurant. I got my coffee and checked my internet stuff then started talking to a guy that came in and sat next to me. We had an interesting conversation. He was riding his bike up from near La Paz on an overnight trip and stayed at the hotel last night. He was a fellow wanderer and we talked about various places around the world for a while. Then he invited me to breakfast his treat. I said no at first then he pushed me a bit and I agreed. We continued our pleasant conversation about his writing and stuff and enjoyed the meal. He took off to get back on his bike and I went back to my wifi crap.

I spent an hour playing on the computer then packed up camp and headed out on the road. It was 38 kilometers to the beach but the road was over a lot of good sized hills. I knew I only had a short day ahead and I was just cruising slowly spinning easily up the hills even in the heat.

I first went past Buena Adventura to the beach 2 kilometers further south. I had a great time there swimming for a while and talking to people on the beach. I spent a long time talking to a young couple from LA that had just gotten engaged. There were also of course a few of those snowbirds from Canada around and we chatted a bit. I enjoyed the nice sandy beach and good company. I started to get too much sun and the wind came up so I went back to Buena Adventura to get some food and camp for the night. The same young couple was there eating. I also had a good time at the bar talking to the local snowbirds.

All in all it was a great easy day for me with a good easy ride and lots of entertainment in the afternoon. I can’t complain about the swim in the Sea of Cortez either. The cool water felt great after the hot ride. Tomorrow I am off in the direction of Loreto. It is about a 65 mile ride I am told with a long straight flat stretch and a few good grades thrown in just to break up the boring desert scenery, or so I was told.

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