Friday, February 21, 2014

Ride Day 167, Buena Adventura to Loreto

I had a good time hanging out with the snowbirds at Buena Adventura Beach. I pigged out on a good fish dinner and then a big hamburger with fries. The locals were surprised to see how much I eat. I did get a good night of rest there with a nice quiet location to camp listening to nothing but the waves lapping the shore.

I left early after a quick cup of coffee. I had my jacket on out of the gate but within ten minutes the coat had to come off. The heat just kept climbing up as the day went on. The first part was through a small mountain range then I had my first 25 mile stretch of relatively flat road. I was able to sustain a good 17 miles per hour for a change. Then the mountains hit again and with ten miles still to go I was running out of energy. I did stop at the midway point and had a good breakfast which was a good thing I did or I might not have been able to finish the ride all the way to Loreto. I had to take a long shady rest break to cool down before I could continue with that last ten mile stretch.

I had another bike incident today. I was cruising along and there were some cattle along one side of the road. I moved almost all the way over to the left side of the road to stay clear of them. It wasn't enough. One of them suddenly bolted right at me. It looked to me like we were going to collide with the cow's head running into my handlebars so I made a sharp turn to the left to try to avoid it. We collided with me slamming into the cow broadside to broadside and me just kind of bouncing off. I did not fall off the bike and the cow was not injured. It was very close to a serious injury accident for me. I need to find a way to be even safer than I already am.

The other thing that happened today was when I was cruising on the flat area I spotted a horned toad on the road ahead of me. I reached for my camera and started to slow down so I could stop and get a good pic of it. Then a car went past me and I heard the pop. No more horned toad to take a pic of. I was kind of annoyed because I had gotten excited to see a horned toad and the horned toads are becoming endangered now. Nothing I can do now, that is life I guess.

In Loreto I checked into a campground and then went out and had a blended margarita at the Mission Hotel, a big fancy hotel on the waterfront. It was my treat to myself for the hard day of riding. Plus I am not riding tomorrow so it won't dehydrate me. I then went to the grocery store and bought hamburger and pigged out back at camp. Next my fellow campsite camper David invited me out for a beer so I did that too. Now I am just finishing this note and crawling into bed because my 75 miles of riding tired me out big time today. Tomorrow I am taking off and hope to have a good time eating some fish tacos and seeing Loreto.

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