Saturday, March 8, 2014

Change of plans

In my last post I said I was going by bus to Acapulco but now that has changed. I am currently planning on taking a bus all the way to Cuernavaca just south of Mexico City and then hopefully riding from there. Mexico is a tough place but not really worse than anywhere else but almost everybody told me not to go south from where I am in Melaque including the federales and the local snowbirds. So I will be on a bus one day sooner or later heading inland.

I have been enjoying Melaque. The beach here is beautiful and there are tons of birds like pelicans, wading birds, frigates and other water birds feeding on a big school of baitfish real close to shore. It is entertaining to watch them fly and dive coming up with a fish almost every time. The local snowbirds are starting to migrate north now. They are leaving in caravans of two or three RVs at a time heading back north to Canada. I have only encountered a couple of other Americans here otherwise it has been all snowbirds from Canada and a few from France via Quebec.

The local church is called St Patrick's so they have a ten day long St Patrick's day fiesta with nightly fireworks, bonfire and lots of food and drink. They are not even Irish and they do it up bigger than any Irish I have ever known. The fireworks and bonfire are incredibly dangerous with the crowd right next to the home made fireworks that frequently malfunction. Little kids run under them with pieces of cardboard over their head to protect them from the burning embers. Obviously no liability here for dangerous things like this. All in good fun though everyone seems to enjoy it despite the burns some people get. More later...

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