Thursday, March 6, 2014

Puerto Vallarta to Acapulco

Today I am in Melaque on the Costalegre south of PV. I am camping on the beach with a bunch of snowbirds from Canada. I took a bus from PV to get me through a bunch of road construction on MX200. The road was not too bad, yes, dangerous like all of them are but it was rideable. The construction area was a few kilometers long and was mostly a sand detour. Tough to ride a heavy bike in sand.

Once I arrived here in Melaque I set up camp on the beach and went out exploring the town. Federales in town told me I could not ride my bike going south of here. I pretended to not understand them. After asking around the consensus is that it is just not safe to ride in this area. A month ago a guy disappeared and it is assumed that he was kidnapped or killed by any of the thieves, vigilantes, police or drug gangs that operate in this area. All of the people I talked to that drove through the area said it was very scarey with the various road blocks and everything. Tension was in the air they all said. So I am going by bus in a few days to Acapulco. The snowbirds all told me that Acapulco is not a good place these days either. I hope it all works out safely for me there cause that is what I am doing. No pics till I get better wifi.

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