Sunday, March 29, 2015

Christchurch then on to Dunedin NZ

I mostly hung out at the house in Christchurch today talking with the other people staying there. My morning ride around town seemed to be enough for me to get a feel for the city. I just am not in the tourist state of mind these days.

I did go to the store and buy a bunch of veggies so that I could eat well for the three days I will be here. I may be here Monday night too unless the weather report is wrong about rain on Monday. I am done riding in rain. Either sit tight or take a bus is my new philosophy. I am not trying to prove anything with my bike riding I just want to see the world from a bike. If I need to take a bus here and there to do that so be it.

I am kind of jonesing for a good ride though. The ride from here to Dunedin is over some good sized hills so it is a workout. I look forward to it. I like riding up grades. I take the time to focus my energies and make myself a stronger person. It also helps me with pain control by making my brain stronger at overcoming adversity so to speak. I control my pain with mental techniques I learned through yoga and biofeedback. Pushing myself on my bike just reenforces those strengths for me, so come on mountains, but not in the rain please.

Well it is Monday morning and I am packed to go. The only problem being it is raining yet again as the forecast predicted. So I looked up the bus to Dunedin and it leaves at 8am so I will go try to get on that bus. I can’t just sit in one place hoping the rain stops. I am having a long black coffee in a hotel and it is starting to rain harder as I sit (long black is what they call a shot of espresso with some hot water added to it in a small cup).

The forecast has rain in it through next week. I just can not seem to escape this rain. It appears to be following me where ever I go. I did have a couple of nice mostly dry days here in Christchurch. There were only light scattered showers while I was here. Still enjoying myself regardless of the weather. The only thing is my bike ride is turning into a bus tour. Such is the life of a wandering cyclist.

The bus from Christchurch to Dunedin was 6 hours with all the stops and traffic. I am checked into my hostel for the week and will just explore this old Scottish city on dry days if I get any dry days that is. There are nesting albatross here and penguins which I would like to go see. Otherwise just relaxing is in store for me.

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