Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sitting in the rain

I was riding around Christchurch this morning on my bike and now I am stuck under an overhang while a rain shower plays itself out. I hope it is a short one cause I am not prepared for this cold rain. At least there was some wifi here where I took shelter.

They keep changing the forecast from more rain to less rain and then back again. The pros just can't decide. How can I make a smart weather decision if the experts can't do a simple rain or no rain forecast? I think my tour of New Zealand is going to end up being a bus tour at this rate. All my plans to ride some of the bike trails they have here are going up in rain. I may have to return to do them some other year. Just a couple pics cause this wifi is crawling. The mural of the dancer with the excavator in it is actually not a toy but a full sized machine with a huge mural behind it. The shoes on the sidewalk were at first light near where there was a ballet last night. I do like all the murals here.

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