Friday, March 27, 2015

Kaikoura to Christchurch NZ

I enjoyed myself in Kaikoura. I spent the night in a backpackers place and we all had a good time eating and drinking and talking. In the morning I went on a long ride out on the Kaikoura peninsula looking at the seals and beach and coastal views. I also visited a small aquarium for a few minutes. I enjoyed the ride with no bags on my bike. After I returned to town I had lunch and a sample of beers at the brewery in town. The beers were good but not great or at least not my favorite type of beers.

I ended up taking the bus the hour and a half to Christchurch just to get there and get set up for a place to spend the weekend. Here in Christchurch I am in a nice quiet backpackers place for the weekend or until the rain stops. Next weekend is Easter and I have not arranged a place to stay. If it is raining I will be screwed and have to camp in the rain. All the rooms will be booked up. I could maybe call all over where ever I end up and find a cancellation but the cost would be high because they jack the prices up for Easter week. I have to just hope I am lucky enough to find a place by Thursday.

Christchurch is still very messed up from the earthquakes in September and February. Lots of destroyed or partially destroyed buildings waiting to be repaired or more likely totally replaced. The homes are mostly all fixed by now but the commercial sector is a mess and will be for some time. They do not have enough workers to do the work. The government is actively trying to recruit people from outside the country. There is a shortage of housing for the workers also. So it will take some time to sort it all out.

I will stay here until Monday or if it continues to rain then until the rain stops. I may have to do some moving around and calling to find a place due to the shortage of beds. Not much for pics today except for the earthquake damage in downtown Christchurch. I loved all the murals people have made amid the destruction. Shows signs of everlasting human hope.

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