Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Queenstown to Dunedin

I had a lazy morning waiting for the bottombus that left at 10:30 to go to Dunedin. There were only two people on the bus. The other was a 21 year old girl from England. Our driver was still very good giving us a history lesson about all the stuff we rode past on the way and other interesting info. The road was not real interesting but generally, it did change a lot in a very short distance. I enjoyed the ride which took until 4pm to get to the end.

I almost fell asleep at one point when the scenery was repetitive for a while. There was no wildlife or anything like that to stop for. We stopped to look at the big new dam, Whoopee. Sorry I was not impressed even though it is the largest concrete structure in New Zealand. The river it dammed up was a gorgeous fast flowing river with crystal clear water. I would rather have the river there than a dam.

Once in Dunedin we toured the city since we were an hour early. Not a big tour but we did go to Baldwin Street the steepest residential street in the world, again whoopee.

some pics taken from a speeding bus...

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