Thursday, April 9, 2015

Time off

I am taking a couple days off again here in Dunedin. I spent a few hours booking my next bike ride. Next week I plan on doing the Alps to the Ocean trail or also known as A2O that goes from up on Mt Cook down to Oamaru on the coast which is a 300km long ride mostly along dedicated bike trails. There is snow in the forecast on the mountain and the temperature up on Mt Cook where I will start is for about 30 degrees F or just below 0 degrees C. I hope there is not a lot of snow accumulation on the ground or I won't be able to do it. If the snow clouds clear however, the views of the mountains should be spectacular. It is worth the risk for me to try to do this route because the payout if I get good weather is so fine. Here is more info if you are interested on the web site for the trail,

Of course it is raining here in Dunedin again. The rain just follows me everywhere I go. It is getting comical now. Some friends of mine I am hanging out with here in Dunedin told me it would not rain while I was here and I told them just wait and see. It rained of course and we all laughed about it. Nothing else to do at this point but laugh.

no pics today.

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